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PR Newswire

2009-09-18 00:02
AT&T's Troy Wireless Network Gets Presidential Treatment

2009-09-17 08:01
Garmin nuvi(R) 1690 and nuLink!(SM) to Connect Drivers to Real Time Data Through AT&T Wireless Network

2009-09-16 12:02
AT&T Expands 3G Wireless Network in the Hudson Valley

2009-09-16 08:03
AT&T Unveils New High Tech Wireless Store in Paterson

2009-09-11 12:02
AT&T Strengthens 3G Wireless Coverage in Washington, D.C.

2009-09-11 12:02
AT&T Strengthens 3G Wireless Coverage in Oklahoma City

2009-09-10 08:02
AT&T Strengthens 3G Wireless Coverage in Worcester County

2009-09-09 00:02
AT&T Expands 3G Wireless Network at Cornell University

2009-09-02 12:03
AT&T Invests Nearly $30 Million Through 2Q09 to Strengthen 3G Wireless Coverage in Houston

2009-09-01 16:02
AT&T Strengthens 3G Wireless Coverage in Connecticut

2009-08-26 12:03
AT&T Unveils New Wireless Store in Mansfield

2009-08-24 12:02
AT&T Introduces New 'Buy Two, Get One Free' U-verse TV and Wireless Bundle

2009-08-18 00:02
AT&T Expands Wireless Coverage in Marlborough

2009-08-17 12:02
AT&T Wins Two Carrier Excellence Awards in ATLANTIC-ACM 2009 Business Connectivity and Wireless Report Card

2009-08-13 12:02
Utah Transit Authority Selects AT&T Wireless Solution

2009-08-11 08:02
AT&T Strengthens 3G Wireless Broadband Coverage In and Around Atlanta

2009-08-05 12:02
AT&T Expands Wireless Coverage Along West Virginia Turnpike

2009-08-04 12:02
AT&T Expands Wireless Accessibility for Oasis Children's Services

2009-07-27 00:02
AT&T Completes Unicel Wireless Network Integration in Vermont

2009-07-27 00:02
AT&T Completes Unicel Wireless Network Integration in New York State

2009-07-22 12:02
AT&T and Jasper Wireless Launch Integrated Platform to Wirelessly Connect Emerging Devices

2009-07-02 12:02
AT&T Connects San Francisco Giants Fans With Exclusive Wireless Content, Team Chatter, News, Sweeps and Special Offers Via AT&T Park Activities

2009-07-01 12:02
AT&T Adds Wireless Coverage in Southern New Jersey

2009-06-30 12:02
AT&T Becomes First Wireless Carrier to Receive Accreditation From Every Better Business Bureau in the U.S.

2009-06-30 12:02
Herff Jones Expands Its Reach With AT&T Wireless Solutions

2009-06-12 12:02
AT&T Pitches NCAA Men's College World Series to Fans Via Sports Celebrities, Wireless Fun, and Texts

2009-06-12 12:02
AT&T Brings Tiger Jam XII Home to Fans Via Exclusive Video Content to the PC, TV, and Wireless Phone

2009-06-11 08:02
AT&T Announces Significant 3G Wireless Rollout in Connecticut

2009-06-08 16:01
AT&T Reaffirms Wireless Financial Guidance for 2009

2009-06-04 08:01
AT&T Expands Its Maine Wireless Network

2009-06-03 08:02
AT&T Launches Industry-First Small Business Wireless-Wired Bundle Priced at Under $100

2010-01-28 20:00
AT&T Keeps 3G Customers (For Now)
Phone company will invest an additional $2B this year to ramp up its wireless network.

2010-01-28 16:00
AT&T Dials Up Customers
Phone company added near-record 2.7 million wireless customers in the fourth quarter.

Computer Business Review Online

2009-12-04 04:00
AT&T, Lenovo team up to offer PCs with tech support
To provide online IT support, including assistance with wireless network setup, software installation and setup of security software