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2009-09-22 20:02
Open Book Alliance Issues Statement on Google Book Settlement Hearing Postponement

2009-09-22 12:02
NI Technology Updates Outlooks for AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, eBay, and Google

2009-09-22 12:02
TriCipher to Offer Triple-Strength Protection with VeriSign for Google Apps Accounts

2009-09-22 04:02
Involving Global Opinion in the Climate Debate: Denmark Launches Climate Change Web Platform With Google

2009-09-19 00:02
Consumer Watchdog Praises Department of Justice Action in Google Books Case

2009-09-17 08:02
KOREM extends its Google Enterprise Partner program with Google Earth Enterprise

2009-09-16 16:02
Google Inc. Acquires Carnegie Mellon Spin-off ReCAPTCHA Inc.

2009-09-16 12:03
Consumer Watchdog Tells Justice Any Google Deal Must Include Means of Enforcement

2009-09-14 12:02
Google Dominates Internet Landscape in India and Brazil

2009-09-08 16:02
Open Book Alliance Files Brief Countering Proposed Google Book Settlement

2009-09-08 12:02
Consumer Watchdog Urges Court to Reject Google Books Deal, Calls New Privacy Policy Inadequate

2009-09-08 08:00
How Suite It Is! SprinxCRM Introduces SprinxCRM Google Apps(R) GmailSync

2009-09-02 08:01 Announces Google Partnership

2009-08-31 12:02
Northern Light Finds IT Industry Analysts More Positive About Google in Wake of Microsoft's Bing Launch

2009-08-27 12:02
Gladinet Introduces Google Docs Backup to an Array of Cloud Storage

2009-08-26 16:02
Diverse Coalition Unites To Counter Google Book Settlement

2009-08-25 08:02
Urban Libraries Council Weighs in on Google Book Settlement

2009-08-17 12:02
Intergraph(R) Public Safety and Security Incident Response Management and Reporting Solutions to Support Google Maps API Premier

2009-08-12 12:02
Google Joins National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Board of Directors

2009-08-04 08:01
Go Healthy's Marquis Product Cholesterade(R) at Your Fingertips on Google

2009-08-03 16:01
Consumer Watchdog Calls on Genentech Exec to Quit Either Google or Apple Board

2009-08-03 16:01
VisNet Delivers the Realism and Ease of Google Earth-Like Visualization Powered by the World's Most Advanced Network Simulation Engine

2009-07-30 12:01
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Adds New Data to Google Earth Showing Twice As Many Destroyed Villages in Darfur

2009-07-28 08:01
Google Calendar Gets More Grounding With GooSync Cloud Storage

2009-07-27 12:02
LTech Launches New Backup Tool for Google Docs

2009-07-27 08:01
Diesel eBooks is First eBookstore to Participate in Google Book Preview Program

2009-07-24 12:01 Reviews Tech Earnings: Apple, Omniture, Google, Microsoft, & Yahoo

2009-07-22 16:01
Bartfield Search Selected to Join Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program

2009-07-16 12:00
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's Caring Connections and Google Health Offer New Way to Access Advance Directives Online

2009-07-16 04:01
ABSOLUT VODKA Launches Mobile Drink Application for iPhone and Google Android

2009-07-15 08:02
Gladinet Cloud Desktop Integrates with EMC Atmos, Google Docs, Amazon S3 and More

2009-07-13 16:02
National Legal and Policy Center Challenges Google's Hypocrisy on Censorship Issues

2009-07-09 16:02
InformationWeek Covers Google Chrome OS Announcement

2009-07-09 12:02
Secret Google Presentation Defends Invasive Behavioral Ads

2009-07-09 12:00
Analyzing the Wall Street Journal's Take on Google (GOOG) and Corresponding Option Plays - Reports

2009-06-30 12:02
Kampyle Integrates With Google Analytics to Answer Why Your Website Visitors Do What They Do

2009-06-29 12:01
Alibris Offers Google Checkout to Book, Music, and Movie Shoppers

2009-06-25 12:02
NetSuite Adds Google Checkout Functionality to Its Powerful Ecommerce Platform

2009-06-24 16:01
T-Mobile USA Unveils the T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google Featuring Personalization Front and Center

2009-06-22 00:01
Geodelic to Offer Intelligent Local Discovery Application - Sherpa - for T-Mobile(R) myTouch(TM) 3G with Google(TM)

2009-06-19 12:00 Researches Wall Street Movers: Google, Cisco, LDK Solar, Sealy, Apple, AgFeed

2009-06-16 20:02
Consumer Watchdog Praises Google for Considering New E-mail Security But Asks Why it Took Internet Giant So Long to Act to Protect Users

2009-06-09 20:02
Google Volunteers Connect to the Tenderloin

2009-06-08 12:00
Analyzing Mad's Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Google Inc. (GOOG) Picks - Reports

2009-06-02 08:01
Virgin America Teams Up With Google Apps for a Day in the Cloud

2010-12-02 20:00
Meet Groupon's Founder: The Next Billionaire?
Google in talks to acquire Groupon; Andrew Mason talks about growing the company.

2010-09-17 16:00
The Battle For Your Digital Living Room
Apple, Google and others are vying hard for this valuable real estate.

2010-09-15 20:00
Google's Great Lesson
Why building your own software to run your business makes sense.

2010-09-07 12:00
Will These Guys Kill The Next Google?
A new crop of early-stage investors are going where traditional venture capitalists fear to tread. There will be consequences.

2010-08-16 12:00
Deal Talk Help Stocks Stage Comeback After More Weak Data
Dell's acquisition of 3Par, a possible Hulu IPO and a small Google deal keep investors emboldened.

2010-08-11 20:00
Google in India's Cloud
In 2006, Google took a bet on serving business software through the Internet. Today, it seems to be paying off.

2010-07-15 20:00
Google Profits Fall Short Of Street's Forecast
Online advertising and search engine provider reports solid Q2, but leaner profit than anticipated.

2010-07-09 20:00
Google And China Work It Out, For Now
High-profile censorship spat reaches detente with license renewal.

2010-07-09 12:00
Google And China Make Nice
Search engine announces Beijing renews its license, after high-profile censorship spat.

2010-03-17 12:00 Takes On Google Voice
This cloud-based phone service is good news for small businesses.

2010-03-15 20:00
Baidu Buyers Loving The Google Boost
Chinese search engine rallies on Google's looming exit from Middle Kingdom search market.

2010-02-25 12:00
Google's Sin Of Omission
By failing to police its 'Suggest' function, the search giant sometimes perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

2010-01-22 16:00
China Slams Clinton On Google Talk
The Middle Kingdom came down hard on Hillary Clinton's anti-censorship speech.

2010-01-22 12:00
Earnings Miss Punishes Google
Search giant falls short of Q4 estimates, but the Street's over-enthusiasm may be to blame.

2010-01-21 20:00
Google Grows, But Misses Raise Expectations
The search giant beat the Street's revenues expectations, but profits fell short of rosy estimates.

2010-01-19 20:00
Baidu's Management Shuffle
Google's rival in China announced its second executive departure in the last ten days.

2010-01-19 12:00
Google Postpones Phone Launch In China
Search giant did not say when its mobile phone may be released in the Middle Kingdom.

2010-01-12 20:00
The Latest Tricks For Getting Found Online
Want to boost your odds of bubbling up on Google? Try these search engine optimization tactics.

2010-01-12 16:00
The Apple-Google Battle
While other mobile Internet companies chase after Apple and fail, Google is broadening its attack.

2009-12-07 16:00
Google Conquers Time
Real-time search, translation, location--everywhere?

2009-12-03 16:00
The Four Horsemen Of The Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet Strategies to Watch by Apple, Google, Amazon, Nokia.

2009-12-02 20:00
Murdoch 1, Google 0
The Internet giant released new tools that give news publishers more control over the search engine.

2009-11-13 16:00
Google Keeps Disrupting
Will the company unveil its highly anticipated Chrome OS next week? Will it be a dud?

2009-11-10 16:00
All Eyes On Mobile Commerce
Apple, Amazon, eBay, Google and Nokia are all riding this soon-to-be-lucrative wave.

2009-10-27 20:00
Tech's Would-Be Takeover Con Artist
A stockbroker allegedly created phony takeovers by Microsoft and Google.

2009-10-14 08:00
It's Google's Quarter To Lose
Expectations are high for Thursday's earnings.

2009-10-12 20:00
Google's Ad Gadfly
Harvard prof Ben Edelman is preparing the world's biggest catalogue of typosquatters.

2009-10-12 16:00
Stocks Shed Early Gains
Major indexes fall toward the red as Monday's session nears its close; Amgen, Google gain on analyst optimism.

2009-10-09 20:00
Google Hearts Verizon
Android could control 14% of the Smartphone market by 2012.

2009-09-17 00:03
Google Gets On Its Paperback
Internet giant strikes a printing deal for out of copyright books.

2009-09-01 20:03
Google Apologizes--Again
The Internet giant has its third major service disruption this year.

2009-08-28 20:02
Sigmund Freud Is A Tech Writer!
This and other bizarre information has turned up in Google Books searches.

2009-08-26 20:02
New Revenue Waves For Google
Three ways Google Wave could boost the Internet giant's bottom line.

2009-07-30 20:02
Fighting 'The Googleflex'
Microsoft's Bing is pretty nifty, but it will be hard to get customers to switch from Google.

2009-07-29 20:02
Microsoft's Smart Deal
The Redmond, Wash., giant is spending little in its deal with Yahoo! and could use revenues from the deal to battle Google in software, not search.

Computer Business Review Online

2010-06-10 08:10
Avanade's CIO: No reason to go outside the Microsoft catalogue
No room for Google, open source or even Oracle

2010-05-31 08:02
Alfresco unveils new version of content services platform
Offers integrations with IBM Lotus, Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs and Drupal

2010-05-27 16:02
Google, VMware in cloud computing pact
Introduces support for Spring Java apps on Google App Engine

2010-05-27 16:02
Google updates Android platform
Includes portable hotspot functionality and support for Adobe Flash

2010-05-27 16:02
Yahoo and Nokia announce web services link
Firms battle to regain market share from Apple, Google, RIM

2010-04-21 08:02
Alfresco launches new version of content services platform
Adds integrations with IBM Lotus and Google Docs

2010-04-19 08:03
Google Q1 revenues up 23% to $6.77bn
Google-owned sites generated revenues of $4.44bn

2010-04-09 12:02
Yahoo, Ask gain US search share in March: Hitwise
Google accounts for 70% of all US searches

2010-04-07 04:02
Motorola top handset manufacturer with 22.3% market share, says comScore
Google Android platform grabs 9% of smartphone market

2010-03-23 08:01
Google stops censoring China search results
Firm ?totally wrong? says Chinese official

2010-03-11 12:01
NetSuite to launch cloud computing ERP suite for Google Apps Marketplace
Allows users to run back-office operations and financial business processes with SaaS application

2010-03-05 08:01
Sony Ericsson unveils unlocked Naite phone
Comes with an integrated Facebook app and offers Google search functionality

2010-03-03 08:01
KLM moves into the cloud with Google
Migrates over 11,200 crew members to Gmail

2010-03-03 08:01
Google snaps up Picnik
Plans to enhance online photo editing experience on the web

2010-02-26 04:00
Google leads mobile web search in US, says Opera
Accounts for more than 9% of all page views

2010-02-24 04:01
Intel unveils 'Invest in America Alliance' - a $3.5bn tech initiative
Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo! pledge to boost jobs in 2010

2010-02-19 08:01
US DoJ, EU okay Microsoft-Yahoo deal
Is the deal a credible alternative to Google?

2010-02-18 12:01
Real-time tech set for 2010 awakening
Google, Twitter raise profile of up-to-date info

2010-02-10 12:01
Google joins social networking party
Buzz takes on Twitter, Facebook

2010-02-03 08:00
Google's Chrome snaps up 5.2% market share in January
IE 8.0 gains top spot 22.37% of the overall market

2010-02-01 04:00
Google Maps proves route to AA success
Downloads up by 12%

2010-01-28 08:01
Q&A: George Kurtz, CTO at McAfee
McAfee CTO George Kurtz explains why the recent cyber attack on Google is a watershed

2010-01-27 20:01
Global search market up 46% in 2009, says comScore
Google sites grab two-thirds of searches

2010-01-22 08:00
Google Q4 revenues up 17% to $6.67bn
Google-owned sites generated revenues of $4.42bn

2010-01-15 12:00
Microsoft admits IE flaw caused Google hack
Attacks against corporate networks on the rise, says Redmond

2010-01-13 08:00
Google threatens China withdrawal over cyber attack
Firm ?no longer willing? to censor results

2010-01-11 12:00
Mobile networks buckling under data burden
Will Google Nexus One be the straw that breaks the mobile networks's back?

2010-01-06 08:00
Google unveils Nexus One ?superphone?
UK release soon

2010-01-05 08:00
Google set to challenge iPhone with Nexus One launch
Search giant enters smartphone market

2009-12-21 12:00
Google swerves 450m tax bill
Registering in Ireland avoids massive payout

2009-12-18 08:00
Microsoft, Google slightly gain US search share in November, says comScore
Bing search queries up 6% to 1.3 billion

2009-12-18 08:00
Amazon, Google collaborate to provide Amazon Associates for Blogger
To provide monetisation opportunities for bloggers

2009-12-11 04:00
TigerLogic unveils new tool for Google Chrome browser
Includes integration with Google Docs

2009-12-10 08:00
Google unveils new version of Web Toolkit
Features speed tracer that allows developers to diagnose performance problems in the browser

2009-12-08 16:00
Google adds real-time search results
See updates from Twitter, Facebook et al

2009-12-04 08:00
Google launches own DNS
Faster, safer, more reliable web surfing

2009-11-20 12:00
Google snaps up another Apps customer
Construction management firm switches 100 users

2009-11-20 08:00
Google unveils Chrome OS
Operating system focuses on speed, security

2009-11-19 12:00
Google plans Chrome OS demo
Firm will show off Windows rival

2009-11-11 04:00
Google to acquire mobile ad firm AdMob for $750m
To enhance its technology in mobile advertising

2009-11-09 04:00
Google rolls out new eCommerce search tool
Proprietary ranking technology to analyse products in each data feed and serve relevant match

2009-11-05 04:00
Novell unveils real time collaboration platform for enterprise
Offers real-time social and document collaboration and includes interoperability with Google Wave

2009-10-30 08:00
Motorola unveils Droid smartphone
Features Android 2.0, 3.7-inch screen, 5MP camera and Google maps navigation

2009-10-30 08:00
Orange to offer Google Apps on handsets
Signature Android handsets to get access to Google Search

2009-10-29 08:00
Google turns its attention to saving the planet
PowerMeter can monitor energy usage in the home

2009-10-28 12:00
Google launches ?similar images? search tool
Aiming for more relevant image searches, says firm

2009-10-23 04:00
Twitter seals search deals with Google, Microsoft
To include real-time updates in their search engines

2009-10-16 16:00
Google Q3 revenues up 7% to $5.54 billion
Search engine giant to invest heavily in future, says CEO

2009-10-16 04:01
Google, Microsoft slightly gain US search share, says ComScore
Facebook records highest growth with 384m searches

2009-10-12 12:00
Rentokil inks Google Apps deal
Biggest ever rollout for cloud-based suite

2009-10-08 12:00
UK universities sign up to Google Apps
Cloud-based tools for students

2009-10-08 04:00
Verizon, Google enter strategic partnership
To co-develop several Android-based devices that will be pre-loaded with applications from both parties

2009-10-02 12:00
Google sharpens search options by time or type
Adds new tools to narrow search outcomes

2009-09-30 04:00
Google sites surpass 10 billion video views in August, says comScore
US online video viewing hits record high

2009-09-24 04:03
Google's trademark suit gets positive view
Google 'keywords' do not infringe trade mark rights, says EU advisor

2009-09-23 08:04
Google pushes Gmail to iPhone, WinMo
Looking to entice more enterprise customers

2009-09-22 12:03
Bing creeps up on Google
Microsoft?s new search offering slowly gains momentum

2009-09-22 04:03
US advices court to reject Google book settlement deal
Asks Google to revise the agreement to address the US concerns

2009-09-21 08:03
Google unveils new advertising exchange
An open marketplace where prices are set in a real-time auction

2009-09-21 08:03
Apple's rejection of Google Voice for iPhone
Google's confidential filing with FCC exposed

2009-09-18 08:03
Google working on enhanced Java-like language
Noop best practice project gets under way

2009-09-17 04:03
Google launches new version of Chrome
Expects to increase its share in browser market

2009-09-15 08:03
Google tests Fast Flip page turner content browser
Brings magazine-style browsing to web content browsers

2009-09-09 12:03
Google to remove European books from US book settlement
Concessions come amid concerns of the European authors and publishers

2009-09-03 04:03
Google apologises for email service failure
Outage caused due to overloaded request routers

2009-09-03 04:03
Germany against Google book settlement
Scope of the settlement limited to US, says Google

2009-08-31 04:03
Italian antitrust regulator launches probe on Google's news search
For allegedly discriminating Italian newspapers

2009-08-28 16:03
Google adds machine translation to Docs
Free online tools to localise any text document

2009-08-25 04:03
Google's Voice app alters iPhone user experience, says Apple
Confirms AT&T has no role in its decision denying the application

2009-08-21 16:03
Tech giants team up to fight Google book plans
Giant online library faces another hurdle

2009-08-19 08:03
Microsoft?s Bing US search market share slightly up
Google tops the chart with 64.7%

2009-08-14 16:02
Apple begins hunt for Schmidt replacement
Google CEO stepped down over job clash

2009-08-11 12:03
Google gives search a caffeine hit
Next gen tech hits back at Bing, Twitter, Facebook

2009-08-10 04:02
New social gadgets for iGooglers in Australia
Features new updates feed similar to Facebook wall

2009-08-07 12:03
Updated: Twitter falls over in DoS attack
Facebook, Google also hit

2009-08-06 08:02
Google to acquire video compression technology provider On2
Expects to bring down licensing costs to shrink internet videos

2009-08-05 04:02
FTC continues to investigate Apple-Google relationship
Commends both companies for recognising interlocking directorate issues

2009-08-04 04:02
FCC inquiries Apple's ban of Google Voice for iPhone
Seeks information from Apple, AT&T and Google

2009-07-29 12:03
Microsoft and Yahoo mount shared search ad effort
Competition for Google as rivals pair up

2009-07-29 04:02
Time Warner buys back Google?s stake in AOL
Google sells stake at a loss of $717m

2009-07-23 04:02
UK Court clears Google in defamation case
Says, the search engine merely plays the role of a facilitator

2009-07-23 04:02
EU to seek opinions on Google books deal
Sets a hearing on 7th September to get feedback from publishers and authors

2009-07-20 08:03
Microsoft tops UK?s most recognized brands, says survey
Overtakes Google to retain the number one spot

2009-07-20 08:03
Google Q2 revenue up 3% to $5.52 billion
Google-owned sites generated revenue of $3.65 billion

2009-07-14 04:03
Google adds My Location feature to desktop version of Maps
Uses W3C Geolocation API to find out the user?s location

2009-07-14 04:03
Google?s Andy Rubin says Android and Chrome OS have ?specialised? jobs
Rules out the end of Android operating system

2009-07-13 04:03
Rosetta Stone sues Google over trademark infringement
Seeks injunctive relief to prevent Google form selling its trademarks

2009-07-10 04:03
Google?s Chrome OS to take on Microsoft?s Windows
Web browser-based OS targets netbook market initially

2009-07-07 12:03
Google brings its Apps out of beta
Wants to appeal to a wider business base

2009-07-07 04:03
Google?s book deal ? antitrust inquiry launched
The DoJ reviewing concerns about Google's alleged violation of Sherman Antitrust Act

2009-07-02 08:03
Google fixes problem in Apps Sync tool for Outlook
The search tool and webmail client are no longer broken now

2009-06-26 12:03
Google talks to Voice service trialists
Service being readied for launch

2009-06-23 04:03
Is Google Voice set for launch?
Reserves more than one million numbers

2009-06-22 04:03
Google facelifts Book Search
Users could embed snippets of books in their sites

2009-06-19 08:03
Does Google new tool disable Microsoft Outlook features?
The new plug-in could disable search functionality for Outlook data

2009-06-18 04:03
Upgrades for Android Google Maps
Voice search, transit directions and Latitude updates available

2009-06-16 04:03
Is Google launching Microblogging search engine?
The new search engine is expected to improve Google?s real-time results

2009-06-15 08:03
Google enhances Gmail for mobile users
Adds keyboard shortcuts and address auto-completion features

2009-06-11 04:03
Google unveils new online service, targets Microsoft Outlook users
The new Apps Sync to move data from Microsoft exchange servers to Google

2009-06-11 04:03
Google book-deal boils up
Does Google?s digitising initiative lead to copyright infringement?

2009-06-04 04:03
Google plans to sell e-books
Aims to build a ?digital book ecosystem?

2009-06-03 08:03
Acer plans Android netbook, HTC to follow
Google?s operating system ramping market presence

2009-06-02 12:03
Google upgrades enterprise search offering
GSA 6.0 can be scaled to cover billions of documents

2009-06-01 08:03
Google surfs collaboration Wave
Rethinking the way we communicate online