Better Quality Candidates. Instantly.

We use real time matching technology similar to online dating sites to find the best quality people. This technology helps hiring managers find better quality people with less effort.

We make employers more money by providing them with the best quality talent. For job seekers, we turn finding a sales job from a frustration into a pleasure. Everybody walks away with smiles on their faces and more dollars in their pockets.

When you post a job on SalesTrax, the job requirements will be instantly matched to our vast database of users. We will rank and grade each applicant so you don't waste time sifting through unqualified applicants.

In addition to that, you can connect your LinkedIn account and match to passive job jobseekers in the 200 million member database on LinkedIn. When you get your matches you can invite them to apply.

Having an integrated solution with high levels of automation creates tremendous value for our clients.

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More Traffic and Applicants, Less Time and Hassle

Applicant Tracking Included
The Applicant tracking system helps employers manage the application process. We put applicants, matches, and performance statistics front and center. The online account management will allow you to post new jobs, modify existing ones, access applicants and database matches all in one place.
LinkedIn Integration Included
Our technology matches LinkedIn user profiles and delivers them, graded and ranked, directly to your account. It's realtime, so as users update their LinkedIn profiles, or you modify your job requirements, a re-match automatically occurs. You reach qualified candidates that are not on job boards looking for sales jobs, but would consider your job if they knew about it.
Instant Access to our Database
We give instant access to our vast database of users instantly so you can begin inviting qualified candidates to apply. In addition, you get your job advertised on our site and across the Internet. Job Post and Resume Search- One Low Price!
Automatic Job Matching
Sales Job seekers no longer have to use antiquated keyword search to find a job. Job seekers simply enter their skills and preferences, find perfectly matching jobs, and explore career opportunities. In addition, we are linked to a network of partner sites from a variety of locations.