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Updating Your Career “Tool Box”

SalesTrax is dedicated to providing sales professionals with new tools to improve your sales performance with insightful sales-related resources that offer new techniques and knowledge. We want to help you increase your sales skills and get a lead on the competition!

Our resource content base includes various articles about the following: resume writing, interviewing tips, job fairs, career and salary information, skills training, sales development, cold-calling tips, sales management tips, team leadership tools, books and educational choices.

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Sample Resumes and Cover Letters

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Your new job search must start with a quality resumé. With millions of resumés available to employers, you will be selected or deselected based on the strength and look of your resumé,  click here.

Sales Tools and Strategies

Looking for tips to take your sales to the next level of success? There are thousands of skilled experts that can help you overcome that one hurdle holding you back from closing that big sale! We have compiled sales-specific articles to broaden your sales skills and increase your sales knowledge and closing skills, click here.

Sales Management and Resources

For leaders of sales organizations and business developers who are serious about creating and maintaining a successful sales environment, read these articles for helpful suggestions on how to hire, train, retain and motivate a great sales team. For tips on how to improve your sales management and leadership skills, click here.

Recruiting Tips and Sourcing Tools

Looking to expand your recruiting resources? Here are tools to help organize your candidate leads and increase your conversion rate, including tips on how to find more qualified candidates in less time. Our partners offer these tools to help you recruit by qualifying resumes and screen candidates effectively. To review, click here.

Interview Tips and Job Search Tools

This section addresses the ins and outs of the interview process. What to wear, what to bring, what to say, etc. Know how to assemble a “brag book?” Know what the number one question pharmaceutical recruiters will ask? For tips and resources in the interview area, click here.

Career Growth and Development

Are you just getting started in your career or interested in changing fields? Do you want to know what your job should pay, or what someone with your experience should be worth? If you are looking for Internet services to help in your career change, here are some career resources. For a list of other career related services, click here.

Book Library and Audio Summaries

Our library contains volumes of materials on various topics designed to help increase your effectiveness in sales, or even on help getting a job in the pharmaceutical industry. For descriptions about different reference materials, audio series, or videos, click here.

Education, Skills Training, Coaching

No matter what field of expertise your chose to get into for your career path, there are many ways to increase your knowledge base and further your education with training to be more valuable to your employer. To review various educational programs, training and certifications, click here.