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2009-12-03 16:00
The Four Horsemen Of The Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet Strategies to Watch by Apple, Google, Amazon, Nokia.

Computer Business Review Online

2010-06-10 08:10
Avanade's CIO: No reason to go outside the Microsoft catalogue
No room for Google, open source or even Oracle

2010-05-27 16:02
Google, VMware in cloud computing pact
Introduces support for Spring Java apps on Google App Engine

2010-05-27 16:02
Yahoo and Nokia announce web services link
Firms battle to regain market share from Apple, Google, RIM

2010-02-24 04:01
Intel unveils 'Invest in America Alliance' - a $3.5bn tech initiative
Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo! pledge to boost jobs in 2010

2010-02-18 12:01
Real-time tech set for 2010 awakening
Google, Twitter raise profile of up-to-date info

2009-10-23 04:00
Twitter seals search deals with Google, Microsoft
To include real-time updates in their search engines

2009-10-16 04:01
Google, Microsoft slightly gain US search share, says ComScore
Facebook records highest growth with 384m searches